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A day of looking after the

A day of looking after the Ive played video games, hide and seek, dismantling the den they made in the back bedroom and tidying up lot os paper planes of various sizes and shapes! /Tiring!

Another bright, cheery piece that I call Sunny Days enjoy!
get it here:

Dive "into" the world of once again with the 2nd volume of this incredible fan-made anatomical art project!

Across the book's 300+ pages, you'll explore the biology, behavior, and abilities of the second generation in stunning detail.

With the cooler weather as we head into fall, I felt like creating something bright and full of color. Here's Buddy Happy Labor Day.

Weebl Badger Badger Badger 20 Year anniversary edition (Vanilla)

Can you actually believe it is 20 years old

#badger #fun #internet-culture #silly #time-to-feel-old #weebl

Dohoim isch, wo dr Schlssl bast.

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With the reminder that I am a , not a scholar, and that I never taken trigonometry and only managed to do well in Algebra 2 on the second try in community college, I will say that this video is fascinating and that I followed it all the way up to the at which point my fell out. I let the rest of it flow over me and it was still , but if you ask me tomorrow what it said I might not remember.

I saw this on my timeline yesterday and thought it was a good read.

Her Soccer Skills Are Improving! Shell be up to 10 in a row in no time!

I've been thinking about Nidoqueen and Dragonite a lot, so why not both together Lyrelle was born and immediately trampled dozens of square miles in my mind.

Exploring spooky Seattle, news from the world, and SO MUCH MORE in my latest newsletter!

The next build has been recorded. Alex is LOVING having his LEGO builds recorded to share with everyone.
I'm working on getting extra cameras so I can cut real time sections into the edit too!

Today we spent a lot of time in the heat at the annual Rock River Thresheree in Edgerton WI. Folks if you like old steam powered and diesel powered tractors, dozers, multipurpose engines, locomotive, or any numbers of amazing equipment, make this a stop for Labor Day Weekend. We were there maybe 8 years ago and haven't had a chance to return until now but it's a lot of fun.

Elle Mag: Dakota Johnsons Casual Telluride Festival Style Is Good Fall Outfit Inspiration

Disney Vault (VT) - Saturday Night Live

Ik ben er niet, ik ben er niet, ik ben er niet ...

, Baldur's Gate 3 Battlefield :philosoraptor:

Elle Mag: All About Jake Gyllenhaal's 26-Year-Old Girlfriend, Jeanne Cadieu

Elle Mag: More Evidence Surfaces That Meghan Markle Is Bringing Back Blog The Tig

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Dilbert used to be a classic in the world of web-comics and the stamp of workplace humour with an Office Space climate. The web-comic became subscription-only in 2023 after its author was denounced for expressing racist views.

When your dream man is a bear statue.

Thanks for the swords, Mom.

Elle Mag: Zendaya Celebrated Her 27th Birthday In Tiny Bejeweled Bra and Puff Skirt

Link: Operator.
Neo: Link, where am I
Link: Youre not gonna believe this, but youre all the way up in the mountains.
Neo: Really.

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Elle Mag: Dua Lipa Offers Candid Advice On Sex and Importance of Normalizing Talk About It

Good morning to all you !

Yes, that means you, too!

Hope you start into a fantastic day of or just strolling through

I might be prepping some , playing some more or .

How about all of you

The Beetles.

Preparing for Halloween This morning I finished a giant spider which will welcome our guests at the front porch It took about a whole day of print time but the result is awesome

Use PowerShell to change the color of your Govee lamp via PlanetPowerShell

1 hour in this feels like Im playing a fallout game

2 hours in wait, I think its more like skyrim

8 hours after Opens calendar and proceed to block off a few hours over the next 12 Saturdays

Doing Laundry on Campus Without a Phone

Saturday's are my cute days.

Miss Prissy is all dolled up for the weekend. Hope you enjoy!

Available here:

Elle Mag: Dua Lipa Shares More Tiny Bikini Shots From Her 'Endless Summer'

Stop - take a break. You need a brain taco.

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