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"Crazy Carp" It seemed it was

"Crazy Carp" It seemed it was trying to jump back up the spillway!

by Debra Martz

At By Kaye Menner Quality lovely at:

With all this summer rain and humidity I actually have winter on my mind, hope you enjoy this one called "Bundled Up In Pink"

Can Be Purchased Here..

Showing the dog lovers some love with Labrador Love. Happy Tuesday!


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True or false Tuesday

The 3rd of my weekly interactive true or false posts. If you aren't sure, just give it a guess!

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Pick a Card

Choose the card you are most drawn to and try not to overthink it, where does your intuition lead you

I had a Blast of a time at the BIPOC Furmeet BBQ at Liberty State Park!

Yeah it rained a chunk of it but we all had a lot of fun!

Intro Postscript: I think about and type my posts in REAL TIME. I write poetry when I post. I don't automate anything. I actually ENJOY being on M'don. I've met so many WONDERFUL people! I never use generative programs. I actually ENJOY creating art BY HAND. I paint, collage, sculpt and design. Comments, Follows and Boosts always appreciated!

Elle Mag: Eva Longoria Soaks Up the Sun in a Green Triangle Bikini

Vampire survivors is so fun and addictive. Ive been playing the whole day and want more. This game is terrific

Elle Mag: Ashley Olsen Reportedly Secretly Welcomed a Baby Boy Months Ago

Elle Mag: All About Ashley Olsen's Husband and Baby's Father Louis Eisner, the Artist She's Been Dating for Years

Elle Mag: Margot Robbie's Yellow Dress in Barbie Has a Secret Deeper Meaning

Apparently, this place needs more . Tell the your best story.

This could be the most insane thing you've done or seen someone do when plastered ( or ). It could be your fave anecdote to share at a party.

A mild one: An ex of mine ate an entire cake with just a whole bag of weed in it. She went to a restaurant that had the same cutlery as her and tried to explain to her friends the restaurant stole from her for the whole meal.

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Elle Mag: Here's How Much Margot Robbie Is Getting Paid for Barbie

Elle Mag: Bella and Gigis Sister Alana Hadid Makes Her Runway Debut in Copenhagen

Elle Mag: Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Were Filmed Kissing at Drakes Concert

Elle Mag: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Share Adorable Pics of Malti at His Show

Dear . By the logic expression of realtiy, you are in or or somewhere there, in . Is where I find the expression that represent "you". I know you had that educational process that ask you to be the best all the time, which sometimes, lead you to feel bad, when you see someone that is not expressing him/her self, as he/she should. That can lead you to internal , which is not . For that, sometimes I sorry about my , but I cannot deny the beauty of , while you don't deny it as well, since you like and . I am just a , not , not , just a animal that can live in peace within . We can see that we can Tigers and to be and with humans and other "oponents" in their state of . So, when I know that we know, I put in cause, everything that doesn't go into that direction, that we know that have good in all transformation process that we " " in reality and history and our " ". The theory speak about the the the and the . Even if I still believe that everyone can be good, here we are again, representing to you. You are the , and you need to Dream, because is the only way for you, to be free. I Came in , and I like to make improvisations and movements that are synchronized with the of . Hopefully you will have .. I hope so.
I don't know why the doesn't focus on his knees but "he" already speak with me, I believe, since no one did declare them self's to be more than what they express with their own soul, with cares to include only a brain inside a body that can process information and express it in reality using the mouth to translate subjectivity into sound which result in a objectivation of the subjectivity, which continue in state of theory...
We keep writing and coding, translating our self's into something else, which if we , can make us , or , when comparing the , to validate it, based on our own perceptions and interpretations, which include memories, so we can grow by learning new things that can be common or contradictions, flowing as an expression of them self's, in reality.
That is why I say: + = Application ... into Reality ... that is the style of , which is as well, old knowledge from China, that "was forgotten", and I as a Monkey, far away from you and your , I am here, trying to remember you about the simplicity that "maybe" you did forgot. I feel like I need to say "sorry" about my style, because is true that I am many times, provocative, but I didn't meen to provocate you, but to remember you, that the key is in simplicity.

9 Fun Soccer Party & Soccer Snack Ideas with lots of Free Printables

Elle Mag: Selena Gomez and Jesse Williams Snoop Around in a New Only Murders Sneak Peek

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Comedy Wildlife Photo is an annual photography contest bringing you the most hilarious and amazing animal pictures from the natural world.

Elle Mag: Jennifer Lopez Shared a Makeup-Free Video of Her Skin at 54: No Filter. ALL. ME.

Who let the dogs out

You mean this counter, Madeleine

- das Ende einer Wurst
- Ecke einer Bettdecke
- das beste Stck eines kleinen Jungen -)

Schwbisch fr Anfnger

Elle Mag: Summers Hottest Sneakers Are for the Girls

Elle Mag: Dua Lipa Dropped Bikini Pics and a PDA Shot With Boyfriend Romain Gavras in Vacation Gallery

Drei- oder Vierbeiniges Holzgestell zum Trocknen von Heu.

Schwbisch fr Anfnger

Elle Mag: Selena Gomez Wore Just a Towel While Eating Tacos in Bed

The new album by The Hives is a wholelottafun.

Joy of blogging ..

Elle Mag: An Ode to Stellas Soft Style

What do you see in the clouds Let me know in the comments cause Im curious To me, its CLEARLY a crocodile . But hubby says its CLEARLY a fish

Learn a language with me for free! is , and proven to work.

New Zealand Wills