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Custom HTML elements & custom instant

Custom HTML elements & custom instant generated DTDs & tag names would be the web future, with custom validator toolset sounds interestion but a bit abstract. Not just no need DOM, but no document either! :D

DAK and the Golden Age of Gadget Catalogs (these are a fun slice of history)

Time for another !

Elle Mag: Jennifer Aniston Shares Text From Matthew Perry in Heartfelt Tribute: I Talk to You Every Day

Well Dressed Shiba Inu Dog. Displate Metal Posters: What a well-dressed animal! A cute Shiba Inu is wearing an elegant tuxedo and looks fashionable and confident. Maybe he invested in Dogecoin

Ahhh mid life. The period where I should get my eyebrows trimmed each barber visit, yet there is an ever increasing chance I will forget to request that.

Elle Mag: BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon Are Making the Yuletides Gay

Elle Mag: Travis Kelce Opens Up About Seeing Taylor Swift in Argentina and That Lyric Change: It Blew Me Away

Here is Joey Puppycat Ramone with his new favorite toy, a rock. I should sell cat rocks.

Elle Mag: Bruna Marquezine Is Buying Her Own Diamonds Now

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Oinr hat heit gmoind, I sei faul. I ht fascht was druff gsagt.

This college basketball game is

watch No. 38

Fire Chicken Webring

not only talks the talk, but walks the walk! Be sure to check out this baller blog post / combo today!

This morning I grabbed a couple of shots when the sky briefly lit up at sunrise and shared them.
Ive been fooling around a bit with Photoshop's generative fill to change a photo to a painting or watercolor or something else. Paper Cutouts and claymation are interesting.
But I like how this turned out without being all weird.

If you want your Linux to look - for whatever reason - like Win95, Chigaco95 has you covered. It even gives support for Windows-Plus themes (the original reason I searched for something like this - my father likes them).
Warning: Backup your config/xfce4 folder before installing, this thing takes no prisoners. Had to reconfig my UI afterwards, as I couldn't stand this more than a few minutes :D
#linux #retro #FLOSS #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Kitsch #fun #Windows #Win95 #old

Intamin zeigt auf der IAAPA Expo 2023 den Front Wagen der Rekordachterbahn "Falcon's Flight"

Kennywood kndigt Potato Patch Autoscooter als Neuheit 2024 an

Hafema Water Rides und RP Rides bndeln ihre Krfte fr die Geschftsentwicklung von Wasserattraktionen

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Aus Top Thrill Dragster wird Top Thrill 2 Cedar Point und Zamperla zeigen Zug auf der IAAPA Expo 2023

Liabr zwoi Domma zom drha, als drei Hnd zom schaffa.

Nigloland konnte 700.000 Besucher begren und gibt Ausblick auf die Neuheiten 2024

Elle Mag: With A Murder at the End of the World, Brit Marling Made a Whodunit That Challenges the Status Quo

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The Obsolete Computer Museum (since 1995) is "a place to stop by and reminisce about the old days of personal computing." It's a sizeable collection of old computers with protographs and short descriptions.

Its the journey not the destination.

I pity the engineers of flying wing planes. Whenever they compare their creation to their prior plans, there's bound to be a huge delta.

When they catch you with your snack stash.

The bot got his !

Elle Mag: Gigi Hadid Breaks Silence on Report She Thinks Taylor Swift Is Moving Too Fast With Travis Kelce



I wollt ja butza, abr i beh uff'm Wg en's Bad blitzt worda.
Etzt isch dr Labba weg.

Good morning ! Have you had your yet I know we don't normally like to wear them but having them on your is better than having them on your face!

I have one of the hoodies myself and they are very nice!

Get this one here>

Elle Mag: Shelf Life: Michael Cunningham

Het verhaal voor vanavond staat klaar!
Hier 3 afbeeldingen die een hint geven over verhaal 3 :)

Weet jij het

Hey, so THE MARVELS is a ton of fun, well worth heading out to a big screen to see, and *definitely* stick around for the mid-credits cookie.

textile bargain