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Elle Mag: Ariana Grande and Ethan

Neat bulbous looking shroom.

Elle Mag: Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Were Seen Being Cuddly at Disney World

Fallen tree split so you can see the growth rings.
Neat random branch formation during our walk.

True or false Tuesday

Interactive true or false post. If you aren't sure, just give it a guess!

Check back tomorrow after 5pm for the answers post

Doublythumbs & found some really beautiful spots during our walk over the weekend!
Fake Documents Online Blue Wood-Aster found during our walk at the state forest nearby.

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Taking Things Slow With Travis Kelce But Likes That He Pursued Her

Elle Mag: Diamonds for All: 5 Pieces and All the Ways to Wear Them

Elle Mag: The 5 Best Spring 2024 Jewelry Trends From the Runway to Start Wearing Now

Elle Mag: Phoebe Dynevor on Why Fair Plays Period Sex Scene Is So Important

Elle Mag: Phoebe Dynevor Is in Her Fearless Era

Elle Mag: Phoebe Dynevor Says She Saw So Much of Myself in Her Fair Play Character Emily

Cat Got Your Curiosity Jump into CleverKittyTales!

Pick a Card

Choose the card you are most drawn to and try not to overthink it, where does your intuition lead you

Off to Caernarfon golf club for our ladies day out x bullbaygolfclubladies caernarfongolfclub

Favorite one of the posts tagged .

Are you a racist

With all of this nice rain in the last few days I was looking forward to some good for on Sunday but the light wasnt quite right for good so I ended up playing with some multi-scene long .

I had fun with this one. Its more of a test run than a finished piece as I am trying to get my practice in for October. I don't really participate in any particular Xtober events but I do try to make the effort every year to do a drawing a day during the month.

STK with Friends! Really funny Session.

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift Reportedly Invited Sophie Turner Over for a Third Girls Night at Her Apartment

Elle Mag: Found: The New Balances Taylor Swift Wore to Last Nights Chiefs Game

Elle Mag: How Ami Col's Lip Oil Became an Affirmation for Black Women

Some of my favorite pics from missforamericaofficial ... and there's still so much more! I love some of these professional pics from ... they perfectly captured the awesome time I had, and I'm not a bad picture taker myself!


Elle Mag: Inside Kourtney Kardashians Lavish Disney-Themed Baby Shower

Elle Mag: Selena Gomezs Mystery Man in Paris Isnt Actually a Secret Boyfriend

Elle Mag: Fenty Beautys Latest Foundation Is Like the Paris Filter for Your Skin

Elle Mag: FoundRae Expands Its Vision With New Dallas Store

The clouds were so low in the sky, I felt like I could reach up and touch them. It was surreal to be at an elevation of 2,300 feet and not be able to see where the land meets the sky on the horizon. I was on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia on a spring day in May.

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Now Im dying for bacon AND Pepperoni.

Geschdrn han I Licht am Ende vom Tunnel gsh. I konnt grad noh zur Seide schpringa als dr ICE komma isch.

If anxiety were a possum.

Elle Mag: Meghan Markle Wore $22 Hoops From Amazon, and Theyre Still in Stock

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Were Seen Being Very Affectionate at Post-Game Restaurant Date

Meme Monday

Can't get a date

I never thought once I was going too far.

Hey, Viktor!, a by Cody Lightning, is a reference back to Lightnings earliest days in playing young Victor Joseph in .

The film is closing the + and will be shown in , and as well.
Watch for it in select festivals in the U.S. and in soon.

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