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Elle Mag: Kylie Jenner and Timothe

Elle Mag: Kylie Jenner and Timothe Chalamet Seen at NYFW Dinner Together

The Pumpkin King wishes you a happy autumn day!

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Elle Mag: A Complete Timeline of Cardi B and Offset's Relationship

Very uplifting please read free - Its to Be 13 Older Show Us
Their Work and Themselves

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broadcasting laughter
a little too loud. Not classy.
But oh so much fun!

- classy
- laughter


Nancy Ace
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Nancy Ace
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SOLD! Thanks scared by a Compact

! on

Nancy Ace
PhotoSet 3 (of 38)
4-Pics-Group 3 (of 5)

Nancy Ace
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Nancy Ace
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Bei mir koh jedr sage, was I will.

And he's mudded up What a mess to handle all the monster mud but it's an actual cool result

Next steps after the mud has dried, electrical wiring for the lantern, spray paint the "face" black and add an extra coating of transparent spray paint for extra water-resistants

Embark on a thrilling journey through Rashi's world of stunt skating. Explore her experiences and expertise as they're unveiled, inspiring skating enthusiasts worldwide.

Manchmol drenk i au Wassr, zom mai Lebr brrascha.

Yesterday's Thing:

Thanks for all the inspired guesses. :-)

Its a neck support for use by a guitar luthier. Because of its shape, various sizes and types of guitars can be supported by this whilst being worked upon. The cork pieces gently hold and protect the neck. The trident is just the manufacturer's logo.
Here's one in use.

I usually follow/follow back boosters, new followers and interesting/kind people.


with an educated guess where spend their time:

Ah I see..

Someone added one of my to 52 of their ..

Seems like a hobby to have.

I need new too.

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Elle Mag: Inside Emilio Estefan and Consuelo Vanderbilts Latin Ignition Show at the Guggenheim Museum

Elle Mag: The Collina Strada Show Was an End-Of-Summer Nights Dream

Elle Mag: I Went to the Kate Spade Show With Ease (Sort Of)

Elle Mag: Everything to Know About 'Virgin River' Season 5 Part 2

The sun was starting to set as we strolled around the Milwaukee Riverwalk area in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Elle Mag: This Corset Braid Is the Best of Balletcore


What is 0 to the power of 0
What do you think Why Please enlighten us in the comment section
Please boost, the more answers, the merrier.

Elle Mag: Helmut Lang Played Scrabble With Nail Art at NYFW

Elle Mag: All About Charlie Puth's Fiance Brooke Sansone

Elle Mag: Bobbi Brown Takes a New Direction With Jones Road

What purple stain on the white carpet I dont even drink wine.

Had a bit of a chuckle creating this one called "The Old Bulldog Biker", Hope you enjoy:)
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Dont get it twisted.

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That was !

Elle Mag: ELLE Wins Magazine of the Year at the Daily Front Row Fashion Media Awards

Last project work for today This morning I started printing the second half of the Hexibase Tectonic Elements TEBM28C10-4/B enclosure. Luckly the drivers also arrived today Oh boy these ones are so tiny

I'm looking so forward to test them. If that design works, I'll go to print his larger subwoofer design for my backyard

But first, let's wait for the glue to dry

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