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Elle Mag: Olivia Rodrigo Addresses Taylor

Elle Mag: Olivia Rodrigo Addresses Taylor Swift Feud Rumors: I Dont Have Beef With Anyone

The wind was brisk at the brink of the Upper Falls at Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We visited a few days before Christmas several years ago and found that the falls hadn't frozen over. The Upper Falls are approximately 200 feet across and a 50 foot drop to the Tahquamenon River.

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I was having an early dinner with my husband in Calicoon, NY and we were sitting outside on the deck overlooking the rolling hills and apple orchard. I was having fun playing with the reflections in the window next to us. I was struck by this one.

Split in the Awning


Elle Mag: Why Kate Spade New Yorks Dakota Is My New Everyday Bag

Gonna spend my vacation morning begging congress folk to fund the government so that my household can keep paying bills

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(2002) : Forbus, Ken

Elle Mag: Shelf Life: Oprah Winfrey and Arthur C. Brooks

Pumpkin Smiles a fun take on a Halloween pumpkin. ha ha.

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Explore the world of skating excellence with Rashi and Raunak. These two talented skaters are on a journey filled with thrilling moves and graceful strides. Follow their path to perfection in the skating realm.


When the premise and title of the movie is better than the actual movie.

Full Review Below-- This Slotherhouse (2023) Review Has Valak and Dave Bautista Fighting Crime In The New Hulu Series HAVING NUN OF IT!

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Choose the card you are most drawn to and try not to overthink it, where does your intuition lead you

Ferns N Petals' BabyBless has recently partnered with Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira, famed personalities from 9, to create a quirky and Shower 'Ready to Pop' on August 30, 2023.


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1970: Introducing the CHOPPER BICYCLE Blue Peter Retro Transport BBC Archive

This is a sample puzzle from the word game Plates Across America.Play the full game here:

'This Week Will be Awesome for You' Take a deep breath & refocus! Losing is never easy, but you did learn some valuable lessons in your losses. You're so close, don't give up!


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Elle Mag: How One Breast Cancer Survivor Is Using NYFW to Raise Donationsand Awareness

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interesting, be an interesting siege repellant concept. Empty a lake on them

My best friend and my sister can merely shake their beautiful, luscious hair after a nights sleep and look like runway models. Meanwhile, when I wake up, I look like a crazed lunatic whos been electrocuted.

Sexy, Costco vibes are also a plus.

Elle Mag: Sarah Burton Is Leaving Alexander McQueen

I was driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia late in the afternoon, glanced over and pulled off to the side immediately. This is not Photoshopped - this is exactly what I saw that afternoon. Amazing! I have to wonder what this looked like to the people on the edge of the spotlight of sun.

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Elle Mag: How to Help Those Affected by the Devastating Morocco Earthquake

Elle Mag: Sergio Hudson Makes Power Plays on the Runway

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MEOW Cute chemistry pun

Elle Mag: Blake Lively Looked Incredible in a Nude, Gold Sequined Jumpsuit at Michael Kors NYFW Show

Pleased to share this from Middle of Nowhere Books, featuring "309" and the other being judged by team Wayward Stars in this year's Self-Published Science Fiction Competition! ()

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I think you have to trust it a many aspects of physics

Funky faces

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I personally would have gone with the other well known saying Indoctrinated by my kids

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*JUST* finished my university cell biology exam about an hour ago! Think I might need these memes more

Dogs add color to a dull World.
And they smooth out the rough edges.


Elle Mag: Sandy Liang Creates a New Version of Mermaid Pretty

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