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Elle Mag: Taylor Swift Is Reportedly

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Smitten With Travis Kelce but Not Looking for Anything Serious Yet

Elle Mag: Cesar Chvez Taught His Granddaughter to Organize. Now Shes Managing the Biden Campaign.


Elle Mag: Manolo Blahnik on The Craft Room, His Inspirations, and Designing for Beautiful Women

Bird Graffiti Colorful punch of fun added to my gallery

Eigntlich han i heit viel vor ghabt. Na ja, jetzt han i hald morga viel vor.

Ond wie goht's Dir so

As Abraham Lincoln said once:
Not all what you find on Internet can be true or false
#tagalog #filipino #language #fun

As Abraham Lincoln said once:
"Not all what you find on Internet can be true or false"

VAST Dynamics Vaporizer 2 hybrid wavetable Synthesizer is now FREE and open-sourceWindows,MacOS,VSTI,VSTI3,AU,AAX,Standalone,x64,x86


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The Guineapede

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Raiders of the Lost X

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Gaze New zebra art! Enjoy!

Lively newly added to my gallery. Have a good one!

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Big Easy Queens goes for in an enjoyable outing filled with , , and plenty of .

Play with me, our virtual pets can hang out and battle!

Dr friehe Vogl koh mi mol!
Worom soll mr au friehr uffschdanda als neetich

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An Windows XP parody that actually looks the part quite well but is functionally incomplete.

Elle Mag: Same Same But Different: What Our Editors Are Wearing During Fashion Month

I dont trust Bill as far as I can throw him.

Of course, Im paying attention.

Elle Mag: 24 Fashion Trends From the 2000s That Aged Surprisingly Well

Elle Mag: Everything You Need to Know About Barbie Botox

I've found that it's not always easy to use generative artificial intelligence to create art in the form of animals or people. They often wind up with extra limbs or fingers, so I have to add in "negative prompts" to help reduce that problem. This wolf turned out very well, and I love the intricate detail of his eyes and his expressive face.

Prints and more are available here -

True or False Tuesday - ANSWERS!

As promised - here are the correct answers

You can view a free tutorial video explaining osmosis via Khan Academy, by following this link:

Britannica has recently updated their section on fight or flight, which can be viewed here:
* People now often refer to stress responses as fight, flight, freeze, fawn (or the 4 Fs )

Elle Mag: Travis Kelce Opened Up About Dating Taylor Swift for the First and (Maybe) Last Time

Elle Mag: A Source Close to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Shares What Was Really on That Ring Camera Footage

Off to review Black Sabbath the Ballet tonight. It's already sold out UK-wide. No need therefore to write for people who might be considering buying tickets. What freedom! Through the , my writing coukd take me off .

Elle Mag: Why Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Marriage Reportedly Crumbled: He Was Too Controlling

Chris and Mom learn weather and natural disasters # -popBoys -popIdols NI-KI

Femboy discusses aimtrainer usage!

A bug in a software update has removed all German contacts from my smartphone contacts.

Its switched on the Hans-free setting.

will fix it
i mean technically a plan as good as any other*. but for now it is quite the managerial disaster roadshow.

*no, i wont go into the details of how automatizing menial tasks isnt a bad thing per se if, only if, citizens gain the benefits of it .etc and now lets continue with FUN FUN

Whats that Wednesday

On the weekly 'hump day' I will often present you with a cropped image & task you to identify it Sadly no physical prizes, but if you get it right feel free to give yourself a clap on the back and 20 full minutes of smugness

The answer will be revealed in a post at 5pm tomorrow!

Not sure why im posting it but here is a nice picture from my morning run.

No. 73, a newly added abstract. I must be in a abstract creating mood. ha ha. Hope you had a great day.


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