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Elle Mag: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez,

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Sophie Turner, and Brittany Mahomes Go to Dinner in Manhattan

Find the best Fake Documents

Boris Hufflepup wishes you a Happy Sunday!!

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Kayak fishing tournament on the lake the past two days. Went down and talked with one of them. What a rig. 9 rods. Fish finder. Foot pedal and electric trolling motor power. GoPro camera setup to record their adventures. That looks like fun but a lot of work in a big lake with any high winds like we get.

Elle Mag: A Streaming Guide to Sofia Coppolas Priscilla

Pink News: Overwatch is getting its first non-binary hero and fans are overjoyed

Doen we ook nog even de pimpelmeesjes :)

Zal zo nog even een radioshow (uurmix) online knallen en dan even serie kijken op Netflix!

Tijd voor de koolmeesjes!
Ze maken buiten (in mijn tuin) op dit moment veel lawaai ... maar op deze afbeeldingen zien ze er lief uit toch

Dan maar in het Engels vragen of hij een koolmeesje wil maken. Een koolmeesje is in het Engels een "great tit" en een pimpelmeesje een "blue tit".

Je ziet al waar het fout gaat..

Oh grappig! Dit verstaat BING dus onder koolmeesjes hahaha!

De opdracht:
"Kun je een realistische afbeelding van 2 koolmeesjes maken die in een struik zitten"

Het resultaat...

Het is alweer zondag. De dag begint hier grijs ... nee ik heb het niet over haar (!) maar over de kleur van de lucht buiten.

Hier een "zondagochtend" AI afbeelding!

Some late night PlazmaKarting

Spoiled for choice.

She is out net fishing and caught this beautiful pic of the sky

SPREAD THE WORD: VCF SoCal tickets are now on sale! Woot!



Wie dies zum Ziegenblock passt, lest ihr unter:

Watched Last Action Hero again, for the first time since I saw it in a theater in 1993. I still think it's an enjoyable movie.

Elle Mag: A Complete Timeline of Zo Kravitz and Channing Tatums Relationship

Elle Mag: Shining a Light on Leo Risings: The Regal and Radiant Ascendant

Mnnergrippe Mimimi

Das K in Mnnergrippe steht ja fr Kmpfernatur, aber das T... Die Antwort findet ihr im Artikel.

SCNR. Gnnt mir den letzten Clickbait. Ich hab meine letzten Krfte zusammengenommen und mit zittrigen Fingern, schlotternd und schwitzend noch einmal ein Lebenszeichen gebloggt.

War schn mit euch!

How do you distinguish between "having " and "being " Are they * the same thing, *similar but not the same, or *completely different How do they differ

Elle Mag: Kylie Jenner Celebrates Kendall Jenners 30th Birthday With Joke Gift

a haze of purple
ornamental eye candy
the best use for kale!

- haze


a hummingbird haze
an exceptional Summer
nectar for my soul!

*I got to see a lot of hummingbirds this Summer. I love when they catch my eye and I can watch from my window in awe.*

- exceptional
- nectar
- haze


When Zoom is literal.

You can hit-and-run, but you cannot hide.

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift Wears Heeled Loafers and Wide-Legged Pants for Fall Professor Look

Link of the day THROWBACK
This day, one year ago...

Link of the day:
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Uncyclopedia is the weird twin of Wikipedia. It describes itself as "the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit".

Elle Mag: Watch Olivia Rodrigo Duet With Sheryl Crow at 2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Elle Mag: Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Have Welcomed Their Baby Boy Rocky

Elle Mag: How Channing Tatum Feels Following Engagement to Zo Kravitz

LivingEvil ist Live!

Heute ganz spontan mit der lieben Jey und dem lieben Domme ein wenig Horrorgames zocken.

Nehmt Platz und macht es euch gemtlich!

I host

Recently storage need has been growing exponentially. More so.. in the last few months.

So I am making Executive decision.

That may seem controversial, but is ultimately cost effective and probably lol

Starting today, will be like Snapchat for

What you post HERE will be deleted after 1 year.

I look forward to the raunchy content.

EXCEPTION: Your own posts, that you bookmark.

Elle Mag: Travis Kelce Was Asked if Hes in Love With Taylor Swift and His Answer Was Surprising

Arbeit hod no koin ombracht.
Abr i will koi Risiko eiganga.

This folktale catalog I'm reading has a chapter called "Liquidation of Cosmic Lack"

And it needs to be the name or title of something...

Sound off in the comments

UT99 Frag Movie Parody

VIncent Price does The Monster Mash

GoGain Course Demo