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Emoji's can be useful. First note

Emoji's can be useful. First note I comment with Jerry was about adding a :verifiedmonkey: to me, since I am no .
I think Jerry didn't spend time to search, since he is the admin in this instance, which is good, because is only a detail of the interface.
I found this super cool site: where each, add in the end of the main address, their own mastodon instance.
Check what: there is a :monkeydance: .. and it is an animated icon. And we can use it, in our toots too. AWESOME!
I Love it ! I really Love it ! for

kaputt, tot

Schwbisch fr Anfnger

Elle Mag: Britney Spears Breaks Silence On Sam Asghari Divorce: Im a Little Shocked

Eine Alternative zu den beliebten und in die Jahre gekommenen Wild Mouse Achterbahnen Genau das bietet Rocky Mountain Construction nun mit dem "Wild Moose"! Der Hersteller schafft es, die RMC-DNA mit einer Familien-Achterbahn zu verbinden.

(c) Rocky Mountain Construction

Showcasing the big cat for this Ready For Winter!


Thing of the day.
Rules always the same:

If you know what it is, please don't say.

If you don't know what it is, have a guess. :-)

Answer revealed Sunday morning UK time.

I usually follow/follow back new followers, interesting, and kind people.

An video from this theme park:

Abandoned theme park (Spree Park) Germany Jun 2009

Another for

What is the value of the following expression Why

sum(map(lambda q, x=: (x, x.append(1))0, range(10)), )

(Another riddle is )



"Fun and play are just as essential as sleep or nutrition to a healthy life, says play researcher Stuart Brown.

But a lot of the time, the actual activities that we consider fun can financially burden us. When you're out to dinner or the movies, it can feel like you're having a good time at the expense of future-you, who will have to bear the monetary consequences. But minding your budget doesn't mean you have to be stuck at home experiencing FOMO."

If you work or have worked in the art world and think esotericism, alternative medicine etc. is dangerous, wrong and largely Nazi stuff, a lot of it really isn't that funny as for many other people. Serious , and this is really awful most artists I met, people around believe in this shit"!. This is a real problem. This is really no fun. Also this is also a bigger reason than they might realize that buyers don't take them fully "human" or sane... just special.

And no, we sold mainly painters, sculptors, emerging artists - we just had one photographer.

Wolf Magic

Christmas Camel


Elle Mag: A League of Their Own: Everything We Know About Season 2


Small Pizza Delivery Shop - Stop Motion Cooking


Elle Mag: The Summer I Turned Prettys Season 2 Finale, Explained

This is the sexiest man in the world. Prove me wrong.

When Id rather mop my floor with a Q-tip than go out with you again.

Personal request

I will be traveling to volunteer in Ukraine next week and will have limited time to spread the word about my new Fall group indoor class in Malden.

May I ask for 3-5 friends to share this post on your social media and network.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Learn More and RSVP

By the way, I just discovered that an interesting Shinmera's project has been uploaded to

This is an advanced alternative to Quickdist it allows you to make your own self-hosted distribution compatible with quicklisp-client. It seems that the Shinmera's code repository has just been created with its help


Schwbische Uhrzeiten sind fr Nichtschwaben nicht immer leicht zu verstehen und fhren hufig zu Miverstndnissen. Dabei ist das gar nicht so schwer wie es den Anschein hat, es ist nur einfach anders.

Elle Mag: Symbols of Courage: 5 Edgy Jewelry Pieces

Elle Mag: These Blake Lively Bikini Photos Are Very Pinup Girl

If you plan on attending any high school or college football games this upcoming season, please stick around for the halftime show and cheer as loud as possible for the marching band.

Thank you,
A former marching band member

Elle Mag: The Pieces Every Well-Dressed Woman Needs for Her Fall Wardrobe

Elle Mag: TWICEs Jihyo Is in Her Element

Best Eurovision spoof I've heard all day.

booze is a menace
so little makes me tipsy
Social wrestling match!

*Genetically, mother's side, we lack enough enzymes to process alcohol (me too). A blessing, as on my Dad's side, they are prone to excess.

**Please look at my work if wine is ok. I don't want to trigger anyone.

menace wrestle


Brighten your 's room with our . and rolled into one!

Hope you enjoy this whimsical bullfrog called "The Gerbera Daisy Queen" Happy Thursday:)

Can Be Purchased Here..

Rooftop pools and rooftop bars are very popular but hear me out: rooftop bowling

Well, it sounds decent . Not super loud but very clear. Definitely capable for a mini stereo setup in a kitchen or workshop. Will print the other one as well and think about, how to drive them

make guided tour