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Explore the world of daring skating

Explore the world of daring skating stunts with Rashi as she fearlessly practices her moves.

Fassnight Pool in Springfield welcomes dogs to end summer


Elle Mag: How I Lost My Hair and Found a Community

Still working on my Halloween collection, hope you enjoy this one called Skeleton Happy Hour!
Can Be Purchased Here..

Oh, so like you're the king of clouds now YOU decide which ones are pretty I say this one looks like a doggy, you gonna tell me it's a duck How dare you!

Trees are beautiful. There, I said it.

Let's play a fun game on Mastodon: take offense to the previous toot. It works like this:

1. Get offended!
2. Say something banal for the next person to take offense!

Here's the first one: Cats are cute and sometimes they are fun to pet.

I love the cooler weather and fall colors that autumn brings. New to my gallery this week is "Autumn Display". I hope you enjoy!

Prints & more available here -

Nem todos os coelhos vo para o tacho.

Primeira quarta-feira de Setembro... Deixa p'r'manh ou melhor ainda, p'r semana


Elle Mag: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Break Silence on Divorce and Reports About Split

A sense of humor is a sense of proportion.


Elle Mag: Inside Joe Jonas and Sophie Turners Divorce: Theyre Figuring It Out in Real Time

Elle Mag: Take a Chance on Chanels New Fragrance

Favorite one of the posts tagged .


Elle Mag: Libby Edelman Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the Hampton Classic

Getting ready for winter
A Woodchuck also called Groundhog.

See it bigger here:

Should be in bed, but cant take my eyes of this dancing girl

Still having fun with my new mosaic pieces. Home it's where the people and animals I love are. :)



Elle Mag: Joe Jonas Filed for Divorce From Sophie Turner, Calling Marriage Irretrievably Broken

My dishwasher keeps faking its own death. Its stopped working for days, weeks, and even months at a time. Then it will suddenly revive, work perfectly, and then die again. It is currently alive. If it ever permanently dies, there are options

36 DAYS AWAY FROM PUCK DROP Leafs Morning Take

Elle Mag: Glossier's New Stretch Fluid Foundation Takes a 'Skin First' Approach

I've noticed (even here) people's need to correct others is taking all the out of . I'm just here for not to be told how my post is grammatically, or otherwise, incorrect

Sad & Useless: Silly Puns And Their Opposites by Teo Zirinis

Time for something silly!

Name this puppy using the last thing you ate or drank

- Android hat ein neues Logo: Google verabschiedet sich vom flachen Bugdroid und nutzt 3D-Varianten (Galerie) -

Vom 21. Oktober bis 05. November 2023 findet an ausgewhlten Tagen das beliebte Halloween in Walibi Belgium - Aqualibi statt. In diesem Jahr erwarten die Besucher einige Neuheiten. Darunter drei gruselige Neuheiten.

Experience the exhilarating of Go karting


Elle Mag: Megan Fox Debuts a Fiery Red Bob (And Bangs!) With Machine Gun Kelly

Halloween Fright Nights finden ab Oktober im Holiday Park statt. In diesem Jahr mit 5 Horror-Attraktionen, wovon das "Sgewerk" die groe Neuheit ist. Erfahre was der Holiday Park in diesem Jahr fr seine Grusel-Fans bereit hlt!

Holiday Park

Sloth and Manatee and Friends is like a variety show in an email. Each Saturday you get a delivery of comics and characters right to your inbox. Stuff to enjoy, think about, share with a friend. And of course a sloth and a manatee, currently cruising around on the moon. Pull up a bean bag!

Elle Mag: Joe Jonas Puts His Wedding Ring on Display in First Instagram Post Since Sophie Turner Divorce Lawyer News

Today I've seen a cool game to learn

It's awesome!

Although to play it, I must get done a couple of things:

- Find a in , but it was broken
- Find a lightweight make dependency, and find that it has broken relations , so fix them
- Then, create another build dependency package to improve the building
- Finally, adopt and fix the package

Gaming on linux is so !

Elle Mag: See the First Photos of Kylie Jenner and Timothe Chalamet Kissing

Happy Tuesday from a bunch of good eggs! Wishing you a wonderful day!

Egg Antics is available for purchase here, as prints or more--


Elle Mag: Kylie Jenner and Timothe Chalamets Complete Relationship Timeline

Elle Mag: Gigi Hadid on How Co-Parenting Khai With Ex Zayn Malik Changed Her Career Approach

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