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J'ai pt un cble

J'ai pt un cble

contexte: je suis en train de crer ma propre FONT avec mon criture. Comme a, pas de problmes de droits + c'est moi.
Autant les dessins que le texte seront de ma main :3

Elle Mag: Rihanna Showed Off Her Sexy Dinner Date Style in First Appearance Since Giving Birth to Riot

"Come to Indiana"

Travel poster by Krissy Kat using Imagine AI.

My personal :

Monday = Friday 4
Tuesday = Friday 3
Wednesday = Friday 2
Thursday = Friday 1
Friday 0 = or simply Friday

Every day is for me :flanexcite:


Elle Mag: Taylor Swift Is No Longer Willing to Hold Back or Hide as Travis Kelce Romance Progresses

So I Already Broke Minecrafts New Crab #1.21 .21

Favorite one of the posts tagged .

Elle Mag: Only Murders in the Building Season 4: What You Need to Know

80 Lets Workout Outside!

Inclusive Fitness

Week 4 of my Body-Sculpting Class in Malden

Strength + Core Training 
Power ExRx

Safe, supportive space for individuals to define their own healthy, achievable goal.

Give yourself 1 point for each thing you've NEVER done...

16-20 - Safe Space Ace
11-15 - The B Team
5-10 - Wise
0-4 - Legendary

Just rolled out a cool game to help kids master digits! Available in multiple languages: , , , and .

Check it out on GitHub:

Hi y'all! Got some fun speculative fiction for ya

Her car vs. My car

Time to celebrate (something I totally just made up or inadvertently reinvigorated). Made this model for yall to hang in your workshops (or in the window)!

Elle Mag: Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlakes Full Relationship Timeline

Elle Mag: Only Murders in the Buildings Season 3 Finale Solves One Mystery and Introduces Another

Fake Documents Online

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift Wore a Shania Twain T-Shirt and Biker Shorts in First Appearance Since Travis Kelces Game

When it comes to decisions, my superpower is making the stupid ones. in the might sometimes be , though!

Elle Mag: V.E. Schwab Is Rewriting the Rules of Fantasy (And Maybe Life Itself)

Elle Mag: Why Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson Are Divorcing: Theyve Been Having Issues

Link of the day THROWBACK
This day, one year ago...

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Category: Fun Collections (and its sister projects, and are blogs that feature the oldest (or largest or rarest) things in the world, organised by category.

Bonus Meme

Stumbled on this one and couldn't resist sharing!

Elle Mag: Laphonza Butler Will Become the First Black Lesbian to Serve in Congress

Tried light painting with my local camera club last month, like some of the results I got!

If the were being made now does that mean would have gone to 1993

Its all in the wrist.

You think swimming with sharks is expensive Swimming with sharks cost me an arm and a leg.

My reaction to watching the news.

If you want something

"" in

" Trees" and "Trash in the " that says hello :P

Wetter Klima

Elle Mag: Gigi Hadid Struts the Miu Miu Runway With Hangover Hair

Elle Mag: Where Is Mike Jeffries, Abercrombie & Fitchs Former CEO, Now

Hunting cat. Black and white.

Available as prints and more :

Elle Mag: Selena Gomez on What Happened When She Unfollowed Dua Lipa: It Was an Accident

Just found out there's a hashtag
I thought: "that sounds good, I'll click on that."
First thing that comes up is a "news" article about a celebrity break up I don't care about and don't want to know about.

Not my idea of fun...

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Havent Defined Their Relationship: Its More Hanging Out Than Dating

Elle Mag: Selena Gomez on Why Her Final Justin Bieber Breakup Led Her to Dump Instagram Too

Wie gwennd mr 's Herz von era Frau
Kiss se, lieb se, gang bis an's Ende dr Weld mit era.

Ond wie gwennd mr 's Herz vomma Moh
Komm nackich ond breng an Kaschda Bier mit.