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My , back when it was

My , back when it was younger, on the beach at .
It still looks similar from a distance closer inspection reveals each and every one of its nineteen years

I wish I could afford to maintain it better

If you're having a bad just remember someone bought this watermelon

Today is the first time I've been able to watch the Norwalk Havok Robot League event live on YouTube.

If you want to watch people of all ages and their combat robots fighting in a competition, this is the Web stream for you. It's always a lot of fun to watch!

LivingEvil ist Live!

Spontaner Stmyyyyyy ala Livi mit der lieben Jey und dem lieben Domme. Montaaaa Huntaaa und dann spter Etwas crazy & funny ... Kommen se ran!

Find the best Fake Documents

Elle Mag: Bella Hadid Shares Photos of Strapless Minidress With Ab-Bearing Keyhole Cut

Whatever - we are working hard on educating the little creature with love and patience while it is jumping happily through our lifes, leaving behind a camparatively huge amount of chaos. 2/2

Another fun cat piece for .

Since it is and fall, I thought I would share a cat autumn piece. Happy Saturday

Wouldn't it be wonderful if vacation resorts provided their guests with a pop-up memory book when they checked out Something to take home with them as a souvenir of their stay

Prints and more of the Seaside Summer Resort Memory Book can be purchased here! (No actual pop-up book exists, sorry!)

Learning something new is great.

To use it successfully, you usually have to unlearn something. That's the hard part because you have been doing it that way for years or even decades. And since it doesn't work right away, you fall back into the old pattern.

The new thing is not working.

Or have you simply not given yourself enough time and practice

Remember flash mobs These were one of the cultural developments that made me so hopeful for modern society, before COVID. Just people enjoying music and moving their bodies, finding fun and joy in a spontaneous communal experience.

What replaces this How do we let loose and have fun together now How do we celebrate living together, and fully enjoy each others unique individuality

Elle Mag: Get a Head Start on Your Black Friday Shopping With These Major Fashion Sales

A Eastern Chipmunk sitting in a wooden shoe.

See it bigger or get it here:

We are ready for Frightreads Book Festival!!

If you are in this weekend and want something and themed to come enjoy, then you should come on out.

You can learn all about the event at and grab your tickets to come on out!

Told you so.

Elle Mag: All About Alexandra Daddarios Husband Andrew Form

When youre a complete riot and no one deserves you.

Elle Mag: All About Steve Carrells Wife Nancy Carrell

Elle Mag: All About Madonnas Rumored Boyfriend Joshua Popper

Elle Mag: Pete Davidsons Complete Dating History, From Carly Aquilino to Madelyn Cline

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Elle Mag: George and Amal Clooney Gave Rare Comments About Their Twins and 9-Year Marriage at the Albie Awards

Oh my! WELCOME TO MY HOUSE 419 is NOW available at :

The best and more house music.

Enjoy the , always!
Anders Lundgren

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The greatest Windows game of all time re-created: window dragging!

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Heit isch wiedr Butzdag.
Die erscht Dafl Schoklad isch scho vrbutzt.

- Ond wann butsch Du -

Mon: paperwork & meetings
Tue-Thu: visiting our amazing hertscww team
Thu: sportedUK meeting
Fri: sportinherts conference for SGCyclingHub

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelces Relationship Is Progressing: Theyre Both Excited

#185.3 - JACK&JOZEF - Worden overstemd

Soms even stoppen...

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