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New post: Designing a T-Shirt with

New post: Designing a T-Shirt with SketchUp

Elle Mag: Inside Taylor Swift and Travis Kelces Dynamic During Weekend Dates: They Were Kissing Throughout

Elle Mag: Practical Magic Still Has Us Under Its Spell 25 Years Later

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I loved the lace-like silhouette of these trees at sunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

Silhouettes at Sunrise is available here, prints and more -

Row of three design christmas trees on a teal background



Elle Mag: Which Love Is Blind Season 5 Couples Are Still Together

All academic portals should hire this logo designer. Please, internet!

"Curious Curios"

MonkeyToes posted "Web Curios," a cool, old school "blognewslettertypething which has existed in various forms in various places online since about 2010."

, :)

THE VELOCIPASTOR Official Trailer (2019) Comedy, Horror Movie

Wo beh i eigendlich gwh en dr Nachd vom Freidich uf da Meedich

I had a bit more time today to draw, so I went with a more complex overall design and focused on trying to just get proportions right.

It was a lot of fun adding in all the little details, especially the faces!




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Elle Mag: Ariana Grande Seen at Brothers Performance of Rocky Horror in First Appearance Since Official Divorce

Funny : vs vs

Elle Mag: The Fall of the House of Usher Finale Explains Vernas Dark Connection to the Family

Ames garbled sign needs a proofreader stat.

If I were a fish sandwich, Id take the job. I mean, how many offers are you going to get

Fr mich die pure und viel

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Awkward Family Photos is what it sounds like -- a collection of cringe-worthy family photos. From terrible hairdos and outfits to costume-themed family portraits, this site might offer you a weird little family-themed amount of fun.

Elle Mag: Nick Jonas Shares Adorable Pics of Baby Malti at the Jonas Brothers Concert

Elle Mag: Chris Evans Speaks About Marriage to Alba Baptista for the First Time

I brauch koin Mittlfengr.
I koh des mit de Auga.

Elle Mag: Pete Davidson Brings Madelyn Cline as Date to SNL After-Party

Schport gibt Dr 's Gfhl, dass Da nackich bessr aussiehsch. Bier ibrigens au.

Fs slashin for life.

Der eines deutschen Stahlkonzerns steht vor dem Himmelstor. Petrus will ihn jedoch nicht haben und schickt ihn in die Hlle. Wenig spter klingelt bei ihm das Telefon: Was fr einen Saboteur hast du mir denn da runtergeschickt!, schimpft der Teufel. Der hat hier schon fnf fen stillgelegt, 1.000 Leute entlassen, und der Rest der Belegschaft streikt!

mehr auf

Heyyyyy All!

The 'Patrice Zappa Interview' is being broadcast on the radio at - Here's the Youtube version Part 1! >

Hope you enjoy this whimsical cow called "Cozy By The Fire", Happy Sunday:)
Can Be Purchased Here..

Elle Mag: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Seen Holding Hands After Surprise SNL Appearance

Fun video by on the not so much fun of using many websites these days:

- Gboard: Google stellt innovative neue Tastatur vor mit der drehbaren Gboard-Kappe modisch tippen (Video) -

is still one big bugfest. Started a new game on the way to Jackie at the Malstrom Boys.

Van in front of me on the road. Hits the side of the road a bit, jumps the road and goes off the bridge. I stop, look down and shout, "You all right, mister" Behind me, a Smart hits the barrier, gets stuck, catches fire and explodes.

I also had a case right at the beginning where an NPC car ran someone over and there was mass panic, cars driving across the pavements in panic, people running through the area in panic. I had absolutely nothing to do with that.

Night City seems to me to be a perfect simulation of modern society. Pure chaos out of nowhere.

I beh etzt en am Aldr en dem Dr Dei Krpr am ngschda Dag sait: "Mach des blos nie wiedr!"

Taking in the stunning view of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Have you experienced similar views in places like Mendoza or Colorado State, finding your Sundaymotivation Also, ever ventured into the world of Doxcoin

Avant le match de ce soir contre l'afrique du sud il fallait, je me devais mme, de vous faire le rsum FRANCE - ITALIE
Alors non y a pas 60 mecs, y a pas non plus 60 godes mais y a ...
la suite c'est ici

Current Project: Building the website out to go live with ticket sales!

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