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My Father asked me to convert many images to PDF for him and then poweroff his computer.

Elle Mag: Travis Kelces Brother Jason Is a Little Worried About His Taylor Swift Romance: There Are Some Alarms

Elle Mag: Hailey Bieber Speaks Candidly About Recent Pregnancy Rumors: The Internet Will Be the Last to Know

Elle Mag: For Breast Cancer, 40 Is the New 50

Elle Mag: For Breast Cancer, 40 Is the New 50


Cats can be a very controversial subject amongst wildlife fans Here in the Part Time Nerd household, we are big cat lovers and won't ever change However, we do what we can to be responsible owners and most of my volunteer projects are assisting in gathering scientific data on birds

Being a developer.....

Fun (1994)

Pick a Card

Choose the card you are most drawn to and try not to overthink it, where does your intuition lead you


Can all broom riders ensure their transportation is in good working order before setting out on a journey. Can they confirm that they are also in good condition directly before travelling!

Top Level Domain, right

Inktober 23!

They turned our power off for road work today, so I just sort of threw this together when I got home. :)

Elle Mag: Christina Ricci and Mark Hamptons Complete Relationship Timeline

Elle Mag: All About Lana Del Reys Rumored Fianc Evan Winiker

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Elle Mag: John Legend and Chrissy Teigens Relationship Timeline

Elle Mag: All About Angela Bassett's Husband Courtney B. Vance

Elle Mag: Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons' Complete Relationship Timeline

how do you like the view

Elle Mag: Rihanna Is Reportedly Planning a World Tour and Releasing New Music in 2024

Elle Mag: The Story Behind Yves Saint Laurent Beautys Most Unconventional Libre Fragrance Yet

Elle Mag: Becky G Sings Shower, Hilary Duff, and Jennifer Lopez in Round 2 of Song Association

Elle Mag: The First Photo of Taylor Swift Kissing Travis Kelce (on the Cheek) Is Here

Spiketober, Rupert Style 18 - Lazertag

Not gonna lie, I was listening to this song upon doing this prompt:
You know... I really gotta get back on that. I miss this activity so much...!
Oh, and I think I finally perfected Starlight's mane! Yay.

Elle Mag: Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Were Photographed Showing PDA on a Dinner Date

When seeing you off takes on a different meaning.

Kids are a riot.

Crafting for Halloween can be a fun and inexpensive activity for all ages. In this video by One Little Project, Debbie Chapman demonstrates create ghostly figures using layers of cheesecloth, white glue, and water. Another shows how to make electric tea light holders using air dry clay. Both are and easy options for .

Learn how:

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Elle Mag: Complete Your Winter Wardrobe With These 12 Must-Have Fashion Trends

Dropped my laptop charger from quite a height. sent me a paratrooper accessory to go with my replacement charger. Thanks!

Mica Fan Art Drop !!!

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Image 3:

Elle Mag: Matrix Is the Skin Tightening Treatment That Turns Back the Clock

Halloween im Erlebnispark startet am 28. Oktober

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Were Seen Holding Hands After His Game: Its Getting Serious

Elle Mag: Chic Holiday Looks You Can Find on Amazon

she's a late bloomer
trying to hold Summer's light
Basking in glory!


Exercise of the Day Irish Step Dance

Watch till the End!

RockSTAR from my Body-Sculpting Class in Malden takes it to the NEXT LEVEL

Safe, fun, and supportive space for individuals to define their own healthy, achievable goal.

Lets get healthy together

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