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THANK YOU to our big cat

THANK YOU to our big cat friends who donated recently to the Pumpkins fundraisers. YOUR gifts made a lot of FUN possible! The animals had a blast for hours. Not sure who had more fun, the animals playing with the pumpkins or the Animal Care Staff watching. LOL, I wonder if they will have as much fun cleaning up the mess of scattered smashed pumpkins that are getting strewn all around the habitats. A labor of true love!!


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- laughes about

Hope you enjoy this sweet cow who loves her big gold bow!!
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Meine Heimautomation hat Sinn fr Humor!

Do liabe Gott woi lles, abr d' Nochbr no meh.

BMW IBSF Bobsleigh and Skeleton World Cup:
Johannes Lochner (GER) with second 4-man victory in second race in ,
Patrick Baumgartner second with best result for Italy since 1996, Olympic Champion Francesco Friedrich (GER) in third place

I hab bei Schbaidrmn ogrufa, abr er hot koi Netz khet.

Sharing some of my Hubby's work today. Yeah, he has a great sense of humor!'


Dat de afbeeldingen maker een echte Amerikaan is, wisten we natuurlijk al.
Maar hier nogmaals wat voorbeelden dat denkt dat Sinterklaas +/- hetzelfde is als de Kerstman.

Happy Sunday, hope you enjoy this sweet little gal called Beautiful Blossom!
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Happy wet our gorgeous , has man so we are looking after him .

Am Schwarzen Brett beschwert sich die Firmenleitung: Wir mchten erreichen, dass auch der letzte beim Klingelzeichen seinen erreicht! Schreibt einer mit Kugelschreiber darunter: Dann lasst doch einfach den klingeln, der zuletzt kommt!

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Ce matin une lapine a...
Bisous les

Oubliez pas y a -15% sur le fanclub
Viens faire le chasseur

Hi there!
It wasn't my intention, but I spent most of the night doing . I continued working on this , where I had a major moment regarding the construction of the head and face. I guess I'll be that topic next. This will be !

Hi there!
It wasn't my intention, but I spent most of the night doing . I continued working on this , where I had a major moment regarding the construction of the head and face. I guess I'll be that topic next. This will be !

Next hint!
Its so colorful because we reuse all bricks we have available.
Any guesses what this will be once its finished

When Usopp tries to pull Luffy's feet out of the ground,

These are the last ships to be added to the Starships collection here for the month!

Both of these are neat and I like the unique deign of the Into Darkness Klingon Bird Of Prey!

Next month will get the other Son'a Ships.

Here's the latest additions to the today! Pretty good day for getting !

2023 Enterprise D, Generations Klingon Disruptor, 2009 Phaser Son'a Flagship and Into Darkness Bid of Prey
200x Figures!

I dont like puzzles, but I really do like Lego. This is stressful.

Some afternoon fun with photoshop generative AI. From a car show in Littleton CO a few months ago. They had some very nice way old cars there that you dont see at coffee and cars.

Ive been playing with what different prompts do and look like. This was Psychedelic wonderland as a graphic.

My hope with sharing is to get at least a chuckle out of you. Even if that's followed by what an idiot



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Die Versammlung des Vereins verrgerter Blumen war wieder ein voller Erfolg.

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ICYMI, this gives you an unlock code for the site. It expires at noon Eastern time tomorrow.

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A cats kit.


Never provoke a man with a large magnifying glass.

BMW IBSF Bobsleigh and Skeleton season opener in , :

Final day!
Sunday, 19 November:
6 pm: 4-man , race 2

China Standard Time (-7 hours for CET, -8 hours for GMT, -13 h for EST)

Watch live here:

In Germany:
In Canada:

, , !

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"The Gallery of Monster Toys is dedicated to preserving a disappearing facet of our popular culture. Vintage 1960s to 1990s monster toys which are typically overlooked by collectors, largely because they seem obsolete in today's world."

Wenn die knstlich herbeigefhrte Migrationsdebatte weiter geht, werden wir in den entsprechenden Ecken der Welt immer fter solche Schilder finden.

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