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We're starting something fun today: "Fun

We're starting something fun today: "Fun Facts with Mooshy!" Every day, we'll post a new fun fact about , , or anything else that's fun.

Elle Mag: Kendall Jenner Wore No Pants and Just a Pinstripe Shirt in NYC

When you work on your own projects, you dont have to follow any rules other than what you want to do. You dont have to make it like other sites / apps. You dont have to even do things in any particular order. Have and just .


Despite the excellent premise and solid acting, this remains a movie you want to like more than you actually do.
Laughable PG-13 scares and characters acting like they're in a horror movie undercut a compelling first act.

Full Review Below-- This It Lives Inside You (2023) Review Has Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta Playing Elves With A Secret In SECRETS OF THE ELVES!

Elle Mag: Joe Jonas Ex Taylor Swift Took His Ex-Wife Sophie Turner Out for Dinner in NYC

Elle Mag: Blank Slate: ELLEs September 2023 Shopping Guide

Elle Mag: Selena Gomez Leans Into Barbiecore for Fall With a Pink Pantsuit

:: Einmal Tee mit Faxen bitte ::

. !

Radfahrer verirrt sich und kommt versehentlich an den Rand der Flacherde.

#185.1 - JACK&JOZEF - Het Bedrijfsuitje

Een sportdag

Xing Xing the Rescue Kitty

My fitness intern helping my online clients get FIRED UP

I tried getting an image AI to generate a picture of Musk on his knees crying - Even so, it still looked like he had an evil grin on his face. I am sure this is a sign of Musk being Satan.

Wolf & Lukes Impromptu Power Poll: Top 5 things that werent a thing when Ron Wolfley played


Elle Mag: Kelela Shows Off Her Range for COS

Duck season!!

Also, a better view of that flamingo behind him and a detail of the fibrous material hes made of, which was very cool.

*fox sounds*

Just me being me and showing off some of the fox sounds I make on a daily with my new Julia Winterpaw MiniCanine Avatar!

Find the best Fake Documents

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift Stoked Travis Kelce Dating Rumors With a Subtle Necklace

Elle Mag: Gisele Bndchen Explains Why She Quit Drinking Alcohol More Than 2 Years Ago

The challenge theme on Night Caf was Windmills. When I created this one, I included a couple different styles in the prompts, such as matte painting, watercolor and steampunk.

Prints & more available here -

Elle Mag: Why Kate Middleton Isnt With Prince William on His New York City Trip

Elle Mag: Selena Gomez Dropped Some Makeup-Free Selfies and Corset Shots

Another musical instrument in my Music Life series! Gotta love the curves of the violin. One of the most beautiful IMO.


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A WebSDR is a software-controlled radio receiver connected to the internet, allowing many listeners to listen and tune it simultaneously. provides a catalog of such receivers on the Web.

When you can never find a qualified (or any) associate to help you at Home Depot, but your dog has united the entire crew with her excessive cuteness.

It was nice knowing you.

Elle Mag: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Share the First Photos of Baby Riot and RZA Together

Elle Mag: Kate Middleton Wore a Chic Tan Pantsuit to a London Charity Event

do you want to see a happy dog ...take him into nature - often .

Elle Mag: Taylor Swift Welcomes Fall in a Black Dress and Plaid Coat at Dinner With Greta Gerwig and Zo Kravitz

Elle Mag: Why Gigi Hadid Chose to End Her Romance With Leonardo DiCaprio After a Year

Elle Mag: Welcome to a New Era of Luxury Bags

Elle Mag: Shelf Life: Leslie Jones

Elle Mag: Rajni Jacques Shares the ABCs of Snapchat: Augmented Reality, Bitmojis, and Creators

Pick a Card

Choose the card you are most drawn to and try not to overthink it, where does your intuition lead you

Twitter's Bold Move: 'Charging Per Tweet' - The Unbelievable Benefits!

1. Moderation Nah, we've got tumbleweeds instead of users!
2. Your tweets will be more exclusive than the secret menu at a hipster cafe!
3. Elon Musk might finally tweet about the real Mars budget!
4. Forget 'Followers,' we're aiming for 'Pay-llowers' now!
5. Rumor has it, the Blue Bird is getting a gold-plated beak!

Get ready to break the bank for those 280 characters of wisdom!

Elle Mag: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Showed Early Fall Date Style and a Lot of PDA at a Flea Market

Elle Mag: All About Alexander A.E. Edwards, Chers Rumored Back-On Boyfriend

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