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Working on the second project today.

Working on the second project today. A mini tree based on reused WS2815 strips. The frame is and made of PETG.

Next step is to build a base to hide all the cables and the controller.

Elle Mag: How to Watch New Episodes of Disney's Ahsoka

For those who work in the Information Technology, Information Management or a subsector such as programming, Administration or help desk.

If given the knowledge you have now and you could travel back in time and start over would you become a park ranger or work in a nature based field instead

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Pepper and Paul, two cuties!

A State Of Bliss Bullfrog, new to my frog collection! Happy Sunday:)
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I can't compromise
in the outposts of my mind
I will never bend...

- outpost
- bend


Goldfish Top Hat, seemed fitting for Sunday. Have a great day!

"There's a Manual for That"

Horace Rumpole posted an eclectic selection of digitized manuals from the Internet Archive curated by Jason Scott

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* Gamescom 2023: Nintendo setzt auf Altbewhrtes *

Nachdem man 2022 ausgesetzt hatte...

Yesterday's Thing:

Is a type 65A timed and percussion fuze, found at a place called Wadi Rutm fort, an Ottoman/German base in what is now Jordan. It sat on the front of a 10 pound artillery shell, fired on 19th April 1918. As reported by the War Diary of the 10lb Mountain Gun section of the Royal Field Artillery.

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The Price Is Right - Cliffhangers Theme Song

The Price Is Right (Theme Song) Tenor Saxophone Cover


Relationship goals and cleaning tips.

Elle Mag: Everything We Know About 'The Morning Show' Season 3

Elle Mag: Zendaya Shares Cute Picture of Boyfriend Tom Holland Playing Basketball

Another NEW Labor Of Love piece! "Bird House" was inspired by my flower garden and my flowering olive tree.


This blog post happened: Desperately Important New Words and Thoughts from Daisybrain

Elle Mag: Kylie Jenner Seen Outside Timothe Chalamet's House Following Breakup Rumors

Its PIMMS oclock - how are you enjoying your Sat evening

Heres to a fab bank holiday weekend, cheers

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Category: Computers Fun

This is a collection of little web games and other fun stuff with a philosophical streak. Probably the most fun way to use JS/CSS.

Elle Mag: What Aidan and Carrie's Ending Means According to ALJT Showrunner

Lets go for that pro wrestling weekend in the UK !

When they ask if there were red flags, and you say no.

Elle Mag: Hailey Bieber Wears Blue String Bikini On Her Vacation Yacht With Kendall Jenner and Lori Harvey

When you can dish it out, but you cant take it.

LivingEvil ist Live!
Letzter spontaner Stmyyyyyy vor Reha ala Livi Montaaaaa Huntaaaa & DbD etwas crazy & funny Kommen se ran!

Nehmt Platz und macht es euch gemtlich!

Who does she think she is, Wannabe Barbie, that's who! Ha ha ha. Happy .

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a green chrysalis
transparent in that moment
Butterfly is born!


I've taken a philosophical personality test.


Kegon falls, Nikko (A day trip guide from tokyo)

Thing of the day.

Rules are always the same, and it is appreciated if you follow them, and don't give the game away. Thank you.

1) If you know what it is, please don't say.

2) If you don't know what it is, have a guess. :-)

Answer revealed Sunday morning UK time.

I usually follow/follow back new followers, interesting, and kind people.

Tune in TOMORROW (SAT.) at 9PM EST for WAWTC - 'Anything Goes' w Allan Sherman!

Great fun learning how to use fire engine pumps to fill steam engines today and only a few people got soaked along the way

Reus original
"Unlock new content by helping humanity"

Oh ok, well that's one strategy I suppose

Elle Mag: By Dria Celebrates One Year With Saks at Gurneys in Montauk

Tropical fish