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Yes, yes, yes, it's again and

Yes, yes, yes, it's again and time to unleash my for your consideration. Let's tuck in shall we

Elle Mag: Gisele Bndchen Reportedly Isnt Thinking About Ex Tom Brady and Irina Shayks New Romance

Elle Mag: Samanthas Return Is a Short and Sweet Ode to Fans

Elle Mag: Ariana Grandes Team Was Reportedly Shocked by Scooter Brauns Response to Her Ethan Slater Crisis

Rap da "Demonha"

dancing emeralds
glistening opal circles
Windows to her soul!

- emerald
- glisten


Summer memories Friends

they are having a nice time :D

Characters Rayleth. Loreck. DesDragon22

Elle Mag: Selena Gomezs Single Soon Lyrics Are Not Your Typical Breakup Song

Elle Mag: Project Runway Season 20, Episode 12 Recap: Show-It-Alls


Does anyone know the purpose of this mushroom stand Thanks

My collectors often ask me if I will create more Labor of Love pieces. This is a NEW PIECE titled Spring Maidens 2. It makes me feel happy. :)


Elle Mag: Sarah Jessica Parker Wants You to Quit Worrying About Aging and Pick Up a Book

Even though life has been rough lately, I think what I need is a good ole . I'm starting up a single player world, with an incredible seed. I normally play with other people so this will be my first solo world.
Come and join me my casters as I explore in this new magical world in this new single player series. Starting right now!

See you soon!

Do you have Labor Day plans yet Here are six getaways to consider if you're looking for something to do over the long weekend!

Those that have been following me for awhile are aware of my love of all things circular. Mandalas, ensos and polka dots! So I took my Pretty Paws and made it into a circle. That's it!

*One of my babies TOBY.


Elle Mag: Miley Cyrus Spent 18 Months Perfecting These Used to Be Young Lyrics to Capture Her Life Story

Who doesnt love a challenge

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Have you ever imagined how the Garfield comic would be without its protagonist "Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle."


At the tail end of today's World at One there is a very brief chat about podcasts for children. Kim Normanton of the Supergreat Kids' Stories podcast with folk tales told by global story tellers recommends National Geographic for Kids, Everything Under the Sun, and Dragonfly Tales. Scroll to 41:25.

And just like that, the la dee da people strike again.

Elle Mag: And Just Like That... Season 2 Finale Recap: Welcome Back, Samantha Jones

it really is that all the nobodies of the world are the most interesting

Elle Mag: Patricia Field on Returning to And Just Like That... to Dress Kim Catralls Samantha Jones

Ab dem 13. Oktober 2023 wird es wieder schauderhaft in Grna Lund, denn dann startet die Halloween-Saison. Neu in diesem Jahr ist die Horror-Attraktion Obscura, bei denen die Besucher in vlliger Dunkelheit eingesperrt werden

(c) Grna Lund

Elle Mag: How Selena Gomez Found Meaning in Her Lupus Diagnosis, Justin Bieber Heartbreak, and More

Das erwartet Dich in diesem Jahr zu Halloween in der Bavaria Filmstadt

Bild Bavaria Filmstadt

Elle Mag: Selena Gomez Says She Fought to Sing Who Says When It Was Meant for Another Artist

The one thing I hate more than is .

Haskell researchers discover industry programmer who gives a shit (2010)


Nachrichten, die mich endlich mal interessieren


Elle Mag: A Napa Valley Wedding Brings Together an English Rock Band and a Slice of Young Hollywood

Elle Mag: Can This Team Reinvent Womens Sports

Finger hoch, wer einen hnlichen Gedanken hatte!
Glckwnsche zur geglckten Landung der ersten indischen Raumsonde auf dem Mond.
Fortsetzung folgt garantiert

Hope these "Birthday Bullfrogs" put a smile on your face today!! Happy Thursday:)

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I love my turtle